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Kirstyn once said, “If you can move the stars, then I will marry you” and Erik held her to it.

He proposed to her using this idea, rigging a sign high in a tree with lights spelling “I love you”. (This is a reference to the 46th episode of the show Futurama.)
Erik coordinated with friends – including myself – to stage a fake video shoot to promote shelter dog adoption, featuring their dog Juno. On September 22, 2015, we met at Seidman Park to shoot the video footage. After getting video footage, Erik and Kirstyn went on a walk with Juno. When they returned, the sign was set, cameras were placed, and the members of the “engagement team” were hiding in their places.

Oh yeah – SHE SAID YES!!

Congrats Erik and Kirstyn!!
A huge thanks goes to Amanda, Mike, and Megan for helping to pull off our staged video shoot. Also to Juno, Indy, and Watson for being wonderful video subjects! 🙂